Plentix is a blockchain based platform and application aiming to connect and reward all participants

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Plentix is a decentralized blockchain-based platform and application aiming to connect and reward all participants in an online referral program.

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Decentralized And Automated

A decentralized, distributed Blockchain system - provides businesses and developers with a structure to allow the platform to remain free while, at the same time, allowing a vast number of developers to build on it. Smart contracts automation - allows programmers to easily plug and play with supported software, enabling reduced cost with effortless scaling capabilities and automation. Using decentralized, distributed infrastructure, Plentix provides programmers and businesses with open-source set of APIs and features.

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Innovative Architecture

Businesses will have a wide range of integration options - allowing them to seamlessly plug into their CRM systems or POS systems. While Plentix’s platform empowers developers to write their modules, Plentix application will allow programmers to write a module which will integrate with Plentix application and transfers the programming GAS fee to them when a business using their software module has a transaction. In spite of several players in collaboration backstage of Plentix application, users only see one front-end interface and only need to sign-up to Plentix application.

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Flexible Reward Options

There are many possible ways for referring your network to gain rewards. The referrer may get a 10% reward in tokens for every referral that makes a purchase or even get commission for first three purchases; it is up to the business to choose. The reward may be in Plentix tokens. Rewards may be monetized for up to four purchases by the referee client. Reward options may vary from business to business, and include tokens, discounts or a mix of both.

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Access To Tokenized Referral

Every time businesses and customers connect, every recommendation for a friend, the Plentix token stores and transfers value. As Plentix is a network platform with an underlying token that is an asset in the crypto economy, everyone wins: the platform’s success is intimately connected to the success of its users, the growth of its token and the value of the ecosystem powered up by the Plentix platform. (#4Win)

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    You can refer a friend using the easy-to-use Plentix interface. Plentix offers the capability to refer users who are not members of the platform by routing the invitation through social media, email or SMS - giving all users an easy, straight-forward way to interact.

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    The referee will receive a discount code with which they can purchase from the specific business they were referred to. The amount of discount and number of times the referee can use it depends on the schema every business set on their business admin panel.

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    The referred person can then use the discount code to purchase a product or service. The discount code might only be active for a period of time which depends on the schema that specific business set for the referrals, they have this flexibility to change it anytime needed.

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    The referrer will receive a digital token or discount code reward, depending on the business’s referral schema, however, the referrer will only receive the commission if the referee uses their discount code and purchases from the business.

  • Plentix is a platform that gives developers both a tremendous amount of flexibility and the potential to earn via their developments. A developer can use the Plentix APIs to write their own software modules, either on-platform or via their own 3rd party application. On-platform modules can be integrated within the Plentix application.

  • On-platform developers will earn income for every interaction a customer has through their development; i.e. Programmers can use Plentix’s feature set to write specifically tailored administrative panel for businesses they interact with and get paid for every transaction with those businesses inside the Plentix application.

  • The businesses’ administrative panel offers different industry-based options in which a business can choose which referral schema they want to offer to the users. The referrer can always choose between Plentix tokens or discount at the store or online. We anticipate that options will vary for each business, based on their nature.

  • You can control when and how your referrals are shared. As a decentralized platform, it’s all done on the blockchain - fully automating your referral program using smart contracts - with no need for authority, or any controlling business in between

MVP version of Plentix

Now you can try our MVP version of the product, click below and test. First client of our product is our Token Sale team, now you can enjoy using decentralized Plentix application and get reward in Plentix tokens. To take advantage of the rewards, go to Token Sale section and click on "Refer a Friend", your friend will receive a discount code and you will be rewarded with Plentix tokens.

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Token sale


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Strategic Partners & Early Contributors

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Total Funds to be Raised

$10,000,000 USD

Accepted form of contribution


Presale Amount

$3,000,000 USD

ICO bonus


Crowdsale Amount

$7,000,000 USD

Pre-Sale Bonus


Total Token Supply


Unsold Tokens


*Our 5% bonus sale lasts for 5 days only, and bonus percentages decrease by 1% each day for 5 days.

Join our whitelist to get tokens. The Plentix Token Sale team is our platform’s first client. We are running a referral program on the Plentix decentralized platform for our Pre-ICO and Token Sale. Simply refer a friend and receive Plentix tokens.


MAR 2017
Smart contract codes creation and testing
August 2017
Successful POC and MVP version release
May 2018
Pilot projects
July 2018
Pre-Sale and ICO
Nov 2018
Platform development & beta test version release
Feb 2018
Platform Release
June 2019
Feature addition + Integrations


image of Yashar-Toopchi

yashar toopchi

Co-founder & CEO

PhD, 10+ years experience in IT industry. Worked in Cisco, Accenture and Telstra

image of adrian-wafefield

Adrian Wakefield

Software Developer

Computer science degree holder. Experienced in frontend & backend web development

image of Duncan Malumbe

Duncan Malumbe

Legal Advisor

Law degree holder. A legal specialist in Information Communication Technology Law and Cyber, Space and Telecommunications Law

image of Alex

Alex Javdanitehran

Co-founder & COO

15+ years experience in IT industry, has worked for Microsoft and Telstra

image of maziar-rezaei

Maziar Rezaei

Senior Software Developer

15+ years of experience in Software industry

image of howard-liu

Howard Liu

Business Analyst

Worked for Oaktree. A track record of delivering sustainable project outcomes. Communication and stake holder management skills

image of Cyrus Moghadasian

Sirus Moghadasian


One of the 20 people in the world with 5 CCIEs (Cisco Certificate), 15+ years in IT industry and experience of working for Accenture

image of Ali

Ali Dorri

Blockchain Security Architect

PhD student, 3 years of Blockchain studies and scientific research, lots of articles in this area - Expertise: Blockchain security

image of Sasha-Blackler

Sasha Blackler

Marketing & Business Development

25+ years experience in IT industry. Worked for Accenture and BCG

image of Sasha-Blackler

Saeed Rastegar

Blockchain Architect

PhD, 10+ years of experience in computer science. He just started his new research on "high speed blockchains"


image of steve_french

Steve French

10+ years of experience in software development. Worked for Avanade

image of james

James K. Scarborough

PhD in Media Psychology from Stanford University. His work deals with reward structures in systems that utilize cryptocurrency

image of Oren-Alazraki

Oren Alazraki

20+ years of corporate entrepreneurship, CEO of Horizon State (ICO), specialise in business operations, mobilisations of teams and establishment of complex businesses

image of Ali Ayyash

Ali Ayyash

Co-founder & Lead Engineer @ Beetoken, Previous Lead Engineer @ Google, Previous Lead Engineer @ Amazon

image of Alex Shifrin

Alex Shifrin

Alex served on the advisory board for HOQU. He worked as Regional CEO at Saatchi&Saatchi in Russia

image of Jason Fleurant

Jason Fleurant

Strategic Growth Manager at Horizon State and CCO at, has 15 years of business management experience in building brand strategy and community programs

image of saeed_rastegar

Boris Otonicar

Masters degree in economics and psychology, has worked as an advisor at ICOs such as Coinlancer, Districts and CoinLoan

image of Giovanni Lesna

Giovanni Lesna

Co-founder and CCO at (Hedge Token), Advisor of Adbank , Enkidu , Fresco and Exmo ICOs. One of top 40 in ICObench

image of Steven Meacham

Steven Meacham

MBA specialising in entrepreneurship. Been part of successful startups and a key member in Australia's second most successful ICO, CanYa

image of Brigham Ricks

Brigham Ricks

15+ years of international legal experience, Managing Attorney@ Iuuri.Legal, Founder @ Pennywise P2P and advisor @ Origintrail ICO

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plentix is a blockchain-based project aiming to tokenize the referral economy and spread rewards to all participants. Merchants, users, friends, even app developers may receive awards in the form of discounts or Plentix tokens. The option of going for an ICO instead of traditional seed and series A funding through venture capital allows for community participation and an opportunity for everyone to reap the benefits of a global referral economy.
An ICO is an event in which a new cryptocurrency project sells tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for funding. The ICO distributes our proprietary tokens and in exchange gathers funds denominated in cryptocurrencies to remain in storage and ensure the future development of the business.
The Plentix ICO opens on March 2018.
We want to decentralize and distribute the gains of the referral economy. We have created a flexible technology to spread out the rewards for all participants.
The Plentix token is built over the Ethereum platform and uses the infrastructure of the network for transfers. Therefore, to hold the token, you would need a wallet compatible with the ERC-20 standard for tokens. It is best to create a MyEtherWallet account and back up the private key or UTC file. Afterwards, use your public address to send Ethereum and receive PTN.
Plentix tokens will be created for a two-stage distribution event, a pre-ICO and an ICO. The only way to secure your Plentix tokens is to send Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum to the official wallet address.
The Plentix token is distributed in an ICO event and the proceeds will go toward the development and improvement of our flagship product, a tokenized referral system. The token is NOT a security and will not represent a share of the business or revenues of the company. The token will be used to distribute rewards based on a purchase referral life cycle.